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Two separate Channels you control both from a single Home Page. Full-featured, robust, multi-language Networking deeply integrated with Twitter and Facebook, these two channels fit together seamlessly to connect you with every possible business opportunity, worldwide.

The number one social Networking complaint Realtors® have today? How to manage professional Networking alongside Networking with clients. There are two different messages you need to present in these equally important efforts.

In additional to discussing referrals, Professionals often want to exchange "inside" market information, give each other a high five, or even gripe about their day.

This is not the information you want to share with your consumer audience. More, in Facebook your potential competitors can invite your clients to connect because they have a mutual connection with you. Not in Real-Buzz.

Real-Buzz is the answer to your unique Networking needs. With our two channel approach, you literally have the best of both worlds, all in one place. No wonder everyone is Buzz-ing!